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One of the trends that seems to have developed from the recent housing crisis and economic
downturn is an increase in the sale of land with owner financing.  Although most land is still either
sold for cash or through a bank loan, more and more land owners are now offering to finance the
sale of property directly.  

So how does an owner finance land deal work?  When a seller offers land for sale with owner
financing the seller is offering to enter into a land contract.  A land contract is an agreement in
which the buyer pays for the land directly to the owner, usually in monthly installments until the
total sale price is paid off.  In a land contract, the seller holds the deed to the land until the final
payment is made.  If the buyer does not comply with the terms of the contract the ownership of the
land goes back to the seller.  In this way the seller is protected from a buyer defaulting on the loan.

 Land Contracts can be beneficial to both the buyer and the seller.  Since a land sale that involves
owner financing does not require the buyer to qualify for a bank loan, the seller can make his land
available to a larger number of potential buyers.  This gives the seller a better chance to sell the
land more quickly and for a better price.  It also is a benefit to many buyers who may have had past
credit problems and would be unable to purchase land otherwise.  

 The links below are websites of companies or individuals that are offering land for sale with the
possibility of owner financing.  In addition, several of the auction websites listed on other pages
on this site offer owner financing on land that is purchased at auction.  
If you have a website that offers land for sale with owner financing possibilities and would like to
be listed on this page, please contact and include a link to your
Owner Terms Land
This website deals only with owner financed land.  
The land is primarily in the west and southwest, in CA,
ID,MT,NV,CO,OR but I've also seen land from other
states there.
Great site for owner financed land in Florida.
Specializing in land with owner financing with no
money down.

Classic Country Land
This site has land for sale in multiple states, mostly
west of the Mississippi.  Easy owner financing terms.
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